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Photo: OxfamAUS

Cambodian workers sacked after asking for living wage

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More than 300 illegally dismissed Cambodian workers remain locked out of their workplaces despite official orders for their reinstatement. Read more »
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Mexican labour activists face violent threats

A series of threats targeting Mexican labour advocates have prompted an urgent international response calling for the protection of their lives. Read more »
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Cambodian labour activist arrested

There is increasing concern for the human rights of Cambodian labour activists following the recent arrest of Phnom Penh based union leader, Sous Chantha. Read more »
Roof top view of Istanbul (Daisy Gardener/OxfamAUS)

From blogging to sandblasting: activist talks in Turkey

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It is day three at the Clean Clothes Forum here in Turkey. 180 activists have come to a small island called Bandirma, off the coast of Istanbul. We’re here to share ideas and information for how we can effectively support workers around the world to get a fair deal. Read more »

Kids care about Fair Wear

Last month, students, teachers and parents at a Brunswick primary school joined with activists from FairWear to demand an end to exploitation in the Australian garment industry. Read more »

Just Scraping By: Everyday life around my home

As a worker on a low wage, sometimes I get scared when I imagine my future. I worry that when I am elderly my own situation won’t be that different from my neighbours. Even in their old age they have to work very hard just to scrape by. Read more »

Murphy’s lore: Never give up

An interview with Ben Murphy, who works as a Humanitarian Advocacy Officer at Oxfam Australia. Ben recently spent 2 ½ weeks in New York as part of the Oxfam advocacy team campaigning for an internationally legally binding Arms Trade Treaty. Originally posted at 3things. Read more »