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Thank you for 3869 messages of support!

Last week 3869 individuals from around the world sent letters to adidas’ CEO, Herbert Hainer, demanding a fair deal for workers making adidas. While we wait for a response from adidas, I want to thank all those who have assisted with this campaign. Read more »

Environmental Film Festival Melbourne

We’re looking forward to Melbourne’s first dedicated environmental film festival, with the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne launching later this month. Read more »

A month of fasting begins

Wednesday was the first day of Ramadan – the Islamic month of fasting. For the next forty days I will fast from dawn till dusk. You may wonder whether fasting affects my ability to concentrate at work. Actually I’ve been doing it since I was young so I don’t have any difficulties; I’m already used to fasting at work. Read more »
Photo: Tim Herbert/OxfamAus

Recruitment re-shuffled, but remains unfair

My own recruitment experience serves as evidence of this fact. Earlier this year I was finally offered to sit a test carried out by the CLI human resources department. Read more »
Photo: Ben Adams/OxfamAUS

Why I haven’t given up

English / Bahasa There is a principle that I won’t let go of here—and that’s freedom of association. Five years ago, 33 of us lost our jobs in contravention of our human rights and freedom of association. And to be honest with you, I don’t believe Adidas if they say that what happens in their […] Read more »
Photo: Tim Herbert/OxfamAUS

My message to the CEO of Adidas

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English / Bahasa I ask that the CEO of Adidas starts to really pay attention to the rights of workers who make their shoes. I hope that Adidas can guarantee that workers will be given those rights and also paid a wage more appropriate to a prestigious company like Adidas. Why is it that Adidas […] Read more »
Photo: Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

About adidas’ responsibility

English / Bahasa What is the point of codes of ethics or codes of conduct if they are only names thrown about but never implemented? Adidas’ systems need to match up with the principles it purports to support. Freedom of association, and the rights of workers themselves should be given—workers should not be made to […] Read more »
Photo: Tim Herbert/OxfamAUS

The human face of production

English / Bahasa I always hope that Adidas consumers will think more about the issues faced by the people who make the shoes that they wear. Don’t just be influenced by the sports shoes advertisements that emphasise luxury, wealth, strength and quality. Instead try to look behind the scenes at the workers who make those […] Read more »