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Getting smart on climate change – Part 2

Rising sea levels and tidal inundations linked to climate change have also significantly reduced access to locally-grown foods including the staple root crops taro and pulaka. These climate impacts have contributed to an increased reliance on imported, processed foods – the consequence is a rise in health conditions like diabetes and hypertension previously little known in Tuvalu.

Getting smart on climate change – Part 1

If left unchecked, climate change threatens not just our way of life, but the lives of millions of people living across the Pacific, Asia and beyond. The flipside is that climate change presents us with a tremendous opportunity to reassess our priorities and shape a new, sustainable and more just world.

The faces of climate change: Vietnam

Should rich high greenhouse gas polluting countries provide funding, above their existing aid budgets, to assist poor communities adapt to climate change? With the support of local development organisations and the government, the people of Bac Ai in Vietnam have invested in new ways to manage their access to water, and are planting different crops which can survive with less rain and are more resilient to changing weather patterns.

The faces of climate change: Henry

Henry has a long history with Clayton, South Australia – he and his wife were the first residents there. Over the past few decades they have watched the town grow up around them, but at the same time they have witnessed the effects as the mouth of the Murray River has gradually dried up.

The faces of climate change: Martina

In north-eastern Uganda where Martina Longom lives, the weather has never been perfectly predictable, but in the last few years it has become increasingly unreliable. As impacts from climate change worsen, Martina and her community are finding new and innovative ways to cope and build their resilience.

The faces of climate change: Ursula

Australia has particular responsibility to both reduce its own emissions but also support Pacific Island communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change they’re now facing. Watch the first in our series of The Faces of Climate Change – Ursula Rakova from the Carteret Islands.

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