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Cocoa Beans. Photo: Cam Cope/OxfamAUS

Why you should switch to Fairtrade chocolate this Easter

You’re powerful as a consumer – what you choose to buy shapes the world we live in and can literally change someone’s life for the better. Fair Trade doesn’t just guarantee a farmer gets paid properly for their hard work. It can also build schools, medical centres and water pumps – helping people lift themselves out of poverty. Read more »
Lilia Malinao, 72 years old. Photo: Tessa Bunney/Oxfam

Lilia is prepared for the worst

Vulnerable communities in The Philippines are struggling to cope with increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather. But, thanks to your support, women like Lilia (pictured) can have an amazing impact. Read more »
Photo: Tessa Bunney/Oxfam

Help Josephine prepare for disaster

Like eight in every ten families in The Philippines, Josephine’s has been impacted by natural disaster. After a tornado struck one night her family lost their crops and livestock- everything they were depending on to get through the months ahead. But this wasn’t a one-off event. Josephine lived through three natural disasters in the following five years. Read more »
Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/OxfamAUS

Help Tereza grow a garden to feed her children

In Mozambique, families depend mostly on crops for survival. Besides growing food to consume at home, the produce is a valuable source of income. But in a country recognised as one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, regular drought can mean severe hunger for entire communities. Read more »
Photo: Oxfam AU

Eat Local Feed Global

Oxfam Australia is fortunate to have passionate and knowledgeable prominent Australians supporting our Eat Local Feed Global initiative this October. Met some of the celebrities who are helping to create a world free from hunger and inequality. Read more »
Photo: Tom Hartney

Outpouring of support for the People’s Climate March

For Oxfam, and for hundreds of millions of people around the world, climate change is about food. It is about the ability of communities to feed themselves. Put simply – a hot world is a hungry world. Extreme weather, unpredictable rains, and rising seas, are making it harder for people to grow and buy enough food to eat. Read more »
Photo: K is for kristina via photopin cc

Preparing your Eat Local Feed Global Menu

Eat Local Feed Global gets us to bring our mates together for lunch or dinner during the month of October to discuss how climate change is impacting world hunger. To hold your best ever Eat Local Feed Global event, check out Oxfam Shop for some extra special Fairtrade goodies. Read more »
Photo: Ainhoa Goma/OxfamAUS

Race to the climate summit

Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger, and rich governments and the big food companies haven’t been doing enough to address it. Next week world leaders will meet in New York for an important summit on climate change. Please join millions of people around the world and take to the streets in support of action on climate change. Read more »
Photo: Cam Cope/Oxfam AUS

The power of Fairtrade chocolate

Kuapa Kookoo is the only farmer owned cocoa cooperative in Ghana and the supplier of cocoa for the Oxfam So Fair So Good range available at Oxfam Shop. Thanks to Fair trade sales, they’re creating life-changing social projects for the whole community. Read more »

Love food? Hate the fact that 1 in 8 people still go hungry every single day? Be a #foodhero!

The global food system is broken. Despite the world producing enough food for everyone, 1 in 8 people go hungry. Extreme weather events. Changing weather patterns. Land grabs by powerful companies leaving poor men and women hungry and homeless. A lack of support from governments for small-scale farmers. These are some of the deep injustices in […] Read more »