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This October, why not GROW with us?

With the current food crisis unfolding in East Africa, Oxfam is declaring Oct 15-22 as GROW Week – and we’re inviting you to host your own event to raise awareness and much-needed funds. Our volunteer Larissa explains… Read more »

Harvesting a brighter future: Tanaabai and Tukaram

With four adult children to support and seasonal farm work their only source of income, Tanaabai and Tukaram were doing it tough, until they learned about the Forest Rights Act … Read more »
Check out the food price rise map above

Mapping food price rises

We’ve just launched our global food crisis map, detailing a range of locations around the world that are currently struggling with chronic food shortages. Read more »
Photo: Linda Ogwell/Oxfam

Refugees in Dadaab search for shelter

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The largest refugee complex in the world, northern Kenya’s Dadaab camp is desperately overcrowded and struggling to provide shelter for the 9,000+ people arriving from drought-stricken Somalia every week. Read more »
Photo: Oxfam

Speed is crucial, as Somalia faces biggest crisis in over a decade

More than one third of Somalia’s population are in need of humanitarian assistance, thanks to drought and ongoing conflict. Many of them are making the long, difficult trip to Kenya in search of a better future. Read more »
Hirsi Farah Ali. Photo: Alun McDonald/Oxfam

Drought and rising prices leave Somaliland families struggling for food

The worst drought in 60 years and rising food prices mean that families in Somaliland are struggling to find enough to eat and drink. These are some of their stories. Read more »