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Getting smart on climate change – Part 4

The world’s population is consuming the planet’s natural resources at an unprecedented rate, the equivalent of 1.5 planet Earths each year. If everyone lived like the average Australian we would require 3.8 planets to support the world’s population. A sustainable economy is the only way to guarantee living standards in Australia will improve and poverty can be reduced in developing countries.

Getting smart on climate change – Part 2

Rising sea levels and tidal inundations linked to climate change have also significantly reduced access to locally-grown foods including the staple root crops taro and pulaka. These climate impacts have contributed to an increased reliance on imported, processed foods – the consequence is a rise in health conditions like diabetes and hypertension previously little known in Tuvalu.

Getting smart on climate change – Part 1

If left unchecked, climate change threatens not just our way of life, but the lives of millions of people living across the Pacific, Asia and beyond. The flipside is that climate change presents us with a tremendous opportunity to reassess our priorities and shape a new, sustainable and more just world.

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