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Nokuthula with some of her pupils. Photo: Matthew Willman/OxfamAUS

Keeping them safe: Nokuthula’s story

In our latest blog post about keeping South Africa’s most vulnerable children safe, the irrepressible Nokuthula talks about running her creche with “power, passion and love”. Read more »
Folders of interviewees at the RSS office, South Africa. Photo: Matthew Willman/OxfamAUS

Keeping them safe: building a community

In part 2 of her interview, Yasmin tells us more about RSS’s work with refugee women, supporting them as they rebuild their confidence and find a place in their new communities. Read more »
Kids absorbed in their colouring-in class at a home-based childcare centre, Durban. Photo: Gcina Ndwalane/OxfamAUS

Keeping them safe: how home crèches help

So where did this genius idea to train refugee women in South Africa to run their own home-based creches come about? Oxfam partner Refugee Social Services. In this blog post, their director tells the story. Read more »