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Passionate teachers bring opportunity

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I’ve been visiting Oxfam-built schools in remote areas of Stung Treng province. We went to monitor post-construction progress, while doing in-the-field media training. Inaccessible by car, arrival at the first school was a five hour, bumpy and muddy moto-ride deep into the jungle. Read more »

20 hours from Jakarta: another world

In mid May I asked for leave from my union activities at GSBI and returned for a fortnight to my parent’s house in a village near the city of Solo, Central Java. At the village I kept busy helping my parents in the fields. My parents are farmers and do not have any regular income. Their own land doesn’t yield enough to cover every day necessities. So to fulfil their daily needs they work as labourers on other people’s land. With their meagre income, my parents still support two of their children (my older sister and young sister), as well as three grandchildren (from my older sister). Read more »

Cow banks: a long-term solution

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I’ve just returned from rural Takeo where I discovered what makes a cow bank work so well – and the long-reaching effects this simple solution can actually have. Read more »
Photo: Kateryna Perus/Oxfam

Haiti six months on: rebuilding livelihoods

In the neighbourhood of Delmas 33 in Port-au-Prince, our community canteen projects are helping people to earn an income, and eat healthy food. Read more »
Photo: Ben Adams/OxfamAUS

Doesn’t Adidas know we have families?

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English / Bahasa My parents are in their sixties now. They are subsistence farmers, but since they don’t own enough land to support themselves, they also work as farm labourers. I should be looking after them, sending them money for their everyday needs. It’s not like they are office workers who retire to a pension. […] Read more »
Photo: Ben Adams/OxfamAUS

Something happened that I never wished for…

English / Bahasa A short while ago something happened to me that I never expected and never wanted.  I fell very ill.  To begin with it was only a fever, so I bought some medicine at the local street stall.  But it didn’t help.  Actually it made my condition worse.  Because I don’t have any […] Read more »
Photo: OxfamAUS

Life on the minimum wage…

English / Bahasa Producing sports shoes in the factory I earn about $140 (AUD) per month. Most of this income (80%) I hand over to my mother so that she can cover our household expenses and schooling for my younger brother and sisters. I don’t have any personal savings. My family that is my savings! […] Read more »
Photo: OxfamAUS

24 hours in my shoes

English / Bahasa Halo! Hi my name is Sewani and this is a blog about my life as a 24-year-old factory worker in Indonesia. I work 6 days a week at a factory producing shoes for a famous international sportswear brand. I want to share my story with you so at least you can get […] Read more »