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10 things you should never have to do in a refugee camp

These refugees are living in camps or among local communities in Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt. In total, 12 million Syrians – more than half of the pre-war population – are in need of humanitarian assistance for basics like food, water and shelter. They are trying their best to survive and live their lives despite the hardship and devastating impacts of the war still raging in their homeland.

Millions of Syrian refugees abandoned

Despite being the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, the international response to the Syria Crisis is failing. Three and a half years on, the generosity of neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan is at breaking point, and refugees and poor communities are paying the price.

A letter from Lebanon for Eid

This week marks Eid, the important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that brings to an end the Islamic holy month of fasting, Ramadan. This is a bitter sweet celebration for millions of people as conflict continues across the Middle East.

Why we left Syria

Ayad came home from work that day to find his children crawling on the floor, unable to walk. When he found out what had happened, he knew in that moment they had to leave Syria. He couldn’t bear the idea of anything else happening to his children. Nawal and the children packed up their things and began the long journey to Lebanon.

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