Water filters: truly amazing

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Water filters have created a wave of excitement in Takeo Province, Cambodia. Part of a huge water-focused project supported by AusAID, the filters will be of most benefit to women and children.

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Passionate teachers bring opportunity

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I’ve been visiting Oxfam-built schools in remote areas of Stung Treng province. We went to monitor post-construction progress, while doing in-the-field media training. Inaccessible by car, arrival at the first school was a five hour, bumpy and muddy moto-ride deep into the jungle.

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A fragile existence


A seven-year drought is forcing poor families in KwaNibela, South Africa, to take desperate measures to get water to drink. For the families who live in KwaNibela, a remote part of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, water has become a precious commodity. The once lush green landscape is now bone-dry. Streams have dried up, trees are a […]

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