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Which brands are we speaking to?

One way we support workers’ rights is by communicating with brands like Kmart and Big WThe Just Group, Best & Less, Hanes Brands (formerly Pacific Brands),  We contact them directly, usually by letter, raising cases where workers claim their rights are violated. We ask them to take action to ensure that workers’ rights are upheld.

Some companies are more willing to engage with us than others — and some companies respond to a few of our letters — but not to others.

Check out who’s responding to us and what they’re saying. And see for yourselves which brands are dodging the hard questions.

How long have we been waiting for a response?

The Just Group

The Just Group, who own brands like Jay Jays and Just Jeans are the only Australian garment company yet to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord. This is a legally binding agreement that will ensure Bangladeshi garment makers can enjoy safe workplaces and not fear another devastating tragedy like the Rana Plaza collapse.

We first wrote to the Just Group about this issue in May 2013. While the Just Group have signed up to another safety agreement, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, this agreement has been criticised for being significantly weaker and not legally binding.

We will continue to lobby the Just Group to ensure safety in Bangladesh by signing up to the accord.

Best & Less

Best & Less are another company that has continued to dodge our questions about workplace safety. The South African owned company has so far resisted signing the Accord arguing that they ensure safety in their 15 factories in Bangladesh at an individual level.

Oxfam continues to call on them to show that they are serious about ensuring safety in Bangladesh by signing the legally binding Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord.

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