No parent can raise a child without food water and education

Parents in Zimbabwe don't have enough food or water and are forced to make difficult choices every day

What if it was you?


Your child needs to go to school but she hasn't eaten in two days.

Last week at school she collapsed due to hunger.

What do you do?

She walks 10km to reach school.

She struggles to concentrate because she is hungry and exhausted and can't learn.

Did you make the right choice?

She stays home but has missed three days of school this week.

She is falling behind in class and her education is suffering.

Did you make the right choice?

All Photos: Abbie Trayler-Smith/OxfamAUS

There is no right choice. There is only survival.

Fiona (pictured) has to make impossible choices like these for her five children every day.

She is one of the many thousands of parents struggling to provide vital food, water and education for their children.

With urgent action, you can help break the cycle of poverty.

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