Did you know:

  • 78% of Australians have received a gift they didn’t want
  • 13.5% of people throw away these unwanted presents
  • In Australia, 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill
  • Australians use 150,000km of wrapping paper each Christmas
    • This Christmas, your purchases can help shape the world we live in.

      Here are some easy ways to reduce waste and make ethical choices this Christmas.

      1. Use your shopping power for good

      Fast fashion has a bad impact on people and the planet. This Christmas, some clothing companies have been naughtier than others when it comes to supporting a living wage for the women who make our clothes. Find out whether your favourite fashion brand has been naughty…or nice and demand more from the brands you love.

      2. Give an experience or something home-made

      This could be an interactive, creative or relaxing experience. Try getting crafty, or bake your own delicious treats! For extra points, use old newspaper or leftover fabric to wrap your home-made gift.

      3. Send a life-changing card from Oxfam Unwrapped.

      Oxfam Unwrapped are great gifts for beating the war on waste. Not only do you avoid excessive consumption and waste materials, but you get to give someone the gift of transforming the lives of those living in poverty. Whether you gift a goat, a chicken or a well, Unwrapped gifts are real items that we use to tackle poverty. And rest assured: when we asked Oxfam Unwrapped gift purchasers how the recipient reacted to their gift, 80% said that their recipients loved their gifts!