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Our supporters

Supporters who donate funds, time, or gifts in-kind are the lifeblood of our work.

Donors and activists

Our donors come from all Australian states and territories.

Our activists organise and participate in campaign events, attend forums, sign petitions and pledges and write letters, postcards and emails to governments, parliamentarians and large corporations to support our campaigns on issues such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health and rights, climate change, workers’ rights, fair trade, hydropower dams and mining activities and foreign aid. Our activists have helped us achieve some success this year in the labour rights, Save the Mekong, Close the Gap, Make Poverty History and climate change campaigns.

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partners also support our work in a variety of ways, such as matching staff donations, having staff volunteer, providing pro bono services or having a workplace giving program.

We see this form of giving as an excellent vehicle companies can use to engage their employees in community causes. When the company matches employee gifts, the company is able to demonstrate its commitment to the causes that are important to its employees.

Oxfam supports companies to deliver payroll giving programs by providing periodic communications to employees on the outcomes of our work, hosting charity champion workshops to enable ideas-sharing between companies and providing program speakers. We find that a positive relationship with companies through payroll giving often leads to broader and deeper mutually-beneficial partnerships.

State committees

Our seven state committees represent Oxfam Australia members in their state or territory, serve as a link between the Board and members and contribute to the development of Board policies and planning processes. The state committees are guided by the Oxfam Australia State Committees Charter, which the Board endorses.


Oxfam Australia groups are made up of supporters who meet to stage events, raise funds, support campaigns and promote our work. Groups are guided by the Oxfam Australia Groups Charter, which the Board endorses.

Oxfam groups organise concerts, book fairs, discussion forums, fair trade stalls and Walk against Want events, raising hundreds and thousands for our work.


Members are eligible to nominate for their state committee, contribute to policy and strategic planning, attend our annual reporting meeting and participate in special stakeholders’ events.

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