Women working together

An Oxfam initiative in the north-west region of Vietnam is bringing women farmers together to make a huge difference in how they work, and also improving how they’re treated in the community.

Budget 2017 fails the fairness test

Last night’s Federal Budget was chance to act on rising inequality. It was a chance to champion fairness and to recommit to Australia being a good global citizen. Oxfam’s verdict: the Budget was a massive fail.

The women of Somaliland: stories of strength and survival

The women of Eastern Somaliland are being pushed to the edge, desperately seeking food for their children as their country stands on the brink of famine. We met with six women who told us their stories of strength and survival.

A mother’s marathon for water in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, mothers like Ida literally walk a marathon every day, to provide water for their children. The countless hours spent traipsing to collect water takes time that should be spent working or learning — this entrenches the cycle of poverty.

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