A Climate of Change
Climate change affects everyone, but it’s affecting poor people in developing countries the most.
Educators Shaping Change
Ideas, resources and tools for bringing social justice and active citizenship into the classroom.
Emergency 365
When diaster strikes around the world, we move quickly to provide life-saving assistance.
In my shoes
A journey through the life of a 24-year-old footwear factory worker.
In the field
Follow stories from communities we’re working with around the world.
Labour rights: Behind the seams
Supporting the human rights of workers
On the campaign trail
Stay up to date with Oxfam’s various campaigns.
Rights in crisis
We work with people around the world, affected by conflict and disaster.
Oxfam volunteers are an incredible group of people and they contribute so much to our work.
News and views from the 3things team
Clean Water Saves Lifes

Stop Hunger

Families fighting poverty will be fighting hunger in Timor-Leste this Christmas. Their crops are relying on the rains to come following the annual dry season. Together, we can stop The hunger season for good!