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Demand Climate Justice

Join us to demand climate justice and call on the Government to stop polluting and pay our fair share to fund solutions to the crisis.

The latest on climate change

Oxfam’s climate experts dive deep on the latest issues and solutions, including COVID-19 impacts on our climate, Australia’s bushfires and our voice at the UN climate conference.

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Impacts of climate change

What do the impacts of climate change look like? Read first hand accounts from people in the Pacific, who are bearing the brunt of the crisis but not losing hope.

What is climate change?

What is climate change? How does it work? Read about why climate change is the single biggest threat in the global fight against poverty and inequality.

Action on climate change

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge and threat to our future survival that our modern world faces. There are so many incredible solutions that we support, and you can be a part of too.

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Research and Reports

Our experts conduct on ground research to determine the impacts of climate change and contribute to the international scientific community’s discussion of the solutions. Read our latest reports.

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Climate justice FAQs

Climate justice is a multi-faceted and complex issue. To help guide you through, we’ve put together these frequently asked questions.

Climate change washes away livelihoods
Maria and her family have had to move several times, as her village in the Pacific is being slowly submerged by encroaching seas and coastal erosion. Precious land and food sources are being washed away. “We can’t stay here anymore because the sea is right outside our home. I am worried and very sad. We don’t have a place to grow our crops because it’s all eaten away.” Photo: Ula Majewski OxfamAUS