Humanitarian emergencies

When an emergency hits, Oxfam is there

When disaster strikes around the world, we move quickly with our partners to provide people with the assistance they need to survive –clean water, sanitation facilities, food, health and nutrition advice and shelter.

Oxfam is responding to more than 25 emergency situations worldwide at any given time. Once the immediate danger has passed, we work to rebuild lives and reduce the risk of future disasters.

Current emergencies

Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa hunger crisis

More than 15 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan are facing a serious food and water emergency. Help Oxfam respond with water, sanitation, food and livelihoods assistance.

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Coronavirus emergency

As COVID-19 reaches the most vulnerable communities across the globe, the devastation left behind could be catastrophic. Together, we have what it takes to create a different future.

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Yemen crisis

Please donate to provide urgent help to families facing starvation and conflict in Yemen

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Bangladesh Rohingya refugee crisis

Together, we are providing clean water, sanitation and tarpaulins for shelter to vulnerable Rohingya families who have fled to Bangladesh.

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Syria crisis

This is a crisis of staggering proportions. 13.5 million people, more than half of Syria’s pre-war population, are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Your donation will save lives.

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Make a monthly donation to Emergency 365

By making a monthly donation to Oxfam Emergency 365, you’re helping our response teams save lives every day of the year.

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Donate to our International Crisis Fund

Our International Crisis Fund ensures that we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently, to help those most in need when a natural or a man-made emergency occurs around the globe.

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What is Oxfam doing to prevent or prepare for disasters?

Oxfam is supporting community-level peace-building projects to prevent conflicts. We are also reducing the risk and impact of disasters by helping vulnerable communities adapt to climate change as well as ensuring they’re equipped to cope with any kind of disaster.

How is Oxfam improving international responses to crisis?

We draw on our experience and knowledge of disaster and conflict causes and dynamics to influence and improve the way the international community prevents, prepares for and responds to crisis. We promote adherence to international laws that protect the rights of people caught up in crisis. We also hold UN member states accountable to these laws and their responsibilities to protect and assist civilians.