The Oxfam Circle: Oxfam’s major donor program

The Oxfam Circle is a community that allows you to direct your gift to a particular area of interest or specific project, and feel a deep connection to the impact of your support.

By making an annual financial commitment to support Oxfam’s critical work in the fight against poverty, you are making a declaration that goes beyond a financial transaction.

You’re inspiring others to give, creating meaningful changes in poor communities, establishing new leaders who are empowered to make a real difference, and forging a pathway for a better, more equal world.

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Your financial support

Influencers: $4,000 — $9,999 PA
Innovators: $10,000 — $24,999 PA
Leaders: $25,000 — $49,999 PA
Visionaries: $50,000+ PA or $10,000+ PA, plus a bequest commitment

Our focus areas


How we’ll work with you

  • A dedicated staff member for all your questions. You can have your questions answered and meet regularly with a dedicated Oxfam staff member.
  • Exclusive invitations to Oxfam Key Supporter events. A chance to meet with other key supporters and senior Oxfam staff, hear firsthand about our programs, and have your questions answered.
  • Invitation to attend field visit with Oxfam staff. Run at least every two years, this is your chance to meet with senior Oxfam staff while visiting a project in the field, where you can see firsthand the benefits of your support.
  • Annual event with CEO and/or patron. You are invited to join The Oxfam Circle Patron, Mr Dennis Goldner, and/or CE Dr Helen Szoke, and mingle with other members of The Oxfam Circle, for an annual event.
  • International Skype with in-country staff. Meet and interact virtually with Oxfam staff based in the countries where we work. Hear about their work and have your questions answered.
  • Virtual Honour Board. Your support acknowledged on the Oxfam website to act as inspiration for others to give (as below). Note, this benefit is only for supporters who contribute a single donation of $10K or more.

The Oxfam Circle Honour Board — 2015

Oxfam would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following key supporters for their generosity and for being part of The Oxfam Circle.


$50,000+ PA or $10,000+ PA, plus a bequest commitment

  • Annie T Rose
  • Anonymous x 17
  • Bluesand Foundation
  • Brian M Davis Charitable Foundation
  • Cameron Foundation
  • Claire Bamford
  • Dale McMenamin
  • Douglas and Anne Kelly
  • Ian Cox
  • Jaramas Foundation Pty Ltd
  • Jerry Adams and Suzanne Cory
  • John and Valerie Braithwaite
  • Nan Brown
  • P Thompson
  • Patrick Moriarty
  • Paul and Susan Taylor
  • Rita Andre
  • Susan Wilson
  • Thomas Goodman
  • Tim Mintern and Marion Matthews


$25,000 – $49,999 PA

  • Ann Byrne
  • Anonymous x 16
  • David and Elisabeth Stanton
  • Gary Alcock and Marianne Hack
  • Jenny Ingram
  • John Heathers
  • Michael Jefford
  • Moonstream Information Services
  • Owen’s Tree Service
  • Pfeiffer Crawford Pty Ltd
  • Simpson Family Foundation
  • The Muffin Foundation
  • Tosca Looby and Hayden Stephens


$10,000 – $24,999 PA

  • AkeAke Fund
  • Alan Gardiner
  • Andrew Kam Cheung Li
  • Ann Miller
  • Anonymous x 98
  • Ashu Jhamb and Katherine Barraclough
  • Barbara and Michael Leigh
  • Birchall Family Foundation Trust
  • Bradley William Cox
  • Brenton Starkie
  • Carol and Ross Culey
  • Carthew Family Charity Trust
  • Chris Hartigan and Angela Scarfe
  • Compliance and Risk Management Recruitment
  • David Thomas and Philippa Cotter
  • Dennis Goldner and Kate Murphy
  • Dr M K Tandon
  • Ellen Borda
  • Gernot Heiser and Trudy Weibel
  • Graham Hudson and Leanne Gray
  • Greg Jordan
  • Gregory Ian I Hartman
  • Heather Scovell and Ian Gardner
  • Ian Newman
  • Jakab Golding
  • Jamie Simpson
  • Janet Paterson
  • Joe Hildebrand
  • Jon Mortimer
  • Jon Jureidini and Julia Beaven
  • Lacetree Pty Ltd
  • Les Hiboux Pty Ltd
  • Liz Nixon and Peter Cowling
  • Marie and Gordon Esden
  • Mary O’Sullevan
  • Michael and Leanne Rogerson
  • Michael and Wendy Olive
  • Mike and Yve Carter
  • Paul A Trood
  • Pavetta Foundation
  • Raymond Tam
  • Rob Guthrie
  • Rohit D’Costa and Nadia Chaves
  • Ryan Martyn and Hanna Marton
  • Simon Martin
  • Sky Foundation
  • Susan Adams and Andrew Kirk
  • The Barlow Foundation
  • The Catherine Gray Trust
  • The Cohn Family
  • The Richardson Foundation
  • Wayne and Ros McDonald
  • William Garrick Wilson

Join the Oxfam Circle today and make an extraordinary difference to the lives of people living in poverty.

For more information on The Oxfam Circle, email our Major Gifts Manager, Micah Demmert, or call (03) 9289 9323.

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