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The Oxfam circle - Join a community of philanthropists

Join a community of philanthropists

What is the Oxfam Circle?

The Oxfam Circle is a community that allows you to direct your donation to a particular area of interest or specific project and feel a deep connection to the impact of your support.

By making an annual financial commitment to support Oxfam’s critical work in the fight against poverty, you are making a declaration that goes beyond a financial transaction.

You’re inspiring others to give, creating meaningful changes in poor communities, establishing new leaders who are empowered to make a real difference, and forging a pathway for a better, more equal world.

Your financial support





How you can direct your donation

When you support Oxfam your values and compassion will transform the lives of people all over the world, for many years to come.
Gender Justice
Discrimination and injustice are major causes of poverty worldwide, and women and girls bear the brunt of it.
First Peoples Justice
Poverty in Australia is just as harsh as it is in developing countries and it’s Indigenous Australians who are among the most disadvantaged.
Economic Justice
The divide between rich and poor undermines progress against poverty. Inequality robs the poorest people of the support they need to improve their lives.
Climate Justice
We support those most vulnerable to the climate crisis, while fighting to protect the planet.

Oxfam Circle benefits

Run every two years, this is your chance to meet with senior Oxfam staff while visiting international or domestic projects. You can see firsthand the benefits of your support.
Meet with Oxfam staff based in the countries where we work. Hear about Oxfam’s projects and have your questions answered.
A chance to meet with other major donors and senior Oxfam staff, hear firsthand about our programs, and have your questions answered.
You are invited to join Oxfam Australia CEO Lyn Morgain, and mingle with other members of The Oxfam Circle, for an annual event.
You can have your questions answered and meet regularly with a dedicated Oxfam staff member.
Your support acknowledged on the Oxfam website to act as inspiration for others to give. (Optional)
Our staff can help you choose what kind of project you want to fund and find one that fits with your values. You will receive regular updates from the project and be able to see exactly how your money is making a positive impact.

Join the Oxfam Circle today

To find out more about how you can make a extraordinary difference in the lives of people get in touch with our major giving team.

Claire Beynon

Major Gifts Manager

Helen McCombie

Key Relationships Manager (VIC & TAS)

Roshini Mohan

Key Relationships Manager (QLD, SA, NT & ACT)

Madeleine Klimowicz

Key Relationships Manager (NSW & WA)

The Oxfam Circle Honour Board — 2020

Oxfam would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following major donors for their generosity and for being part of The Oxfam Circle.
  • Anne Miller
  • Anne Millar AM
  • Annie T Rose
  • Anonymous (10)
  • Barlow Impact Group
  • Claire Bamford
  • Dale McMenamin
  • Dick & Pip Smith
  • Dr Joan Bryan
  • Greg Jordan
  • Ian Cox
  • John Freeman
  • Kim Williams AM
  • Krishna Somers Charitable Trust
  • P Thompson
  • Peter Hanks
  • Rob Guthrie & Trish Cowcher
  • Rohan Wolfers
  • Ross & Marianne Allan
  • Simpson Family Foundation
  • Susan Maple-Brown AM
  • The Jaramas Foundation
  • Thomas Goodman
  • Tim Mintern & Marion Matthews
  • Vincent Chiodo Charitable Foundation
  • Alan Gardiner
  • Ann Byrne
  • Anonymous (16)
  • Cameron Foundation
  • Jo & Ken Higgens
  • John & Valerie Braithwaite
  • John Marsden
  • Joseph Palmer Foundation – Halkyard Bequest
  • Micahel & Wendy Olive
  • Moonstream Information Services
  • Rohit D’Costa & Nadia Chaves
  • The Harris Charitable Foundation
  • The Muffin Foundation
  • Ake Ake Fund
  • Anonymous (51)
  • Ash Jhamb & Katherine Barraclough
  • Biophilia Foundation
  • Bluesand Foundation
  • Brennan Family Foundation
  • Brenton Starkie
  • Chris Hartigan & Angela Scarfe
  • Christopher K Fairley AO
  • Community Aid Abroad Women’s Development Fund
  • Compliance and Risk Management Recruitment
  • David Thomas & Philippa Cotter
  • Dennis Goldner AM & Kate Murphy
  • Duncan Murray
  • Frantel Pty Ltd
  • Gary Alcock & Marianne Hack
  • Gernot Heiser & Trudy Weibel
  • Graf family
  • Heather Drew
  • James McCaughey
  • Helen Szoke AO and Jonathan Tribe
  • Jamie Simpson
  • Jane Bitcon & Geoff McClellan
  • Jane Harper Trust
  • John & Michele Shanahan Charitable Foundation
  • Jon Jureidini & Julia Beaven
  • Krishna Sen
  • Leon Ball
  • Les Hiboux Pty Ltd
  • Manivannan Gopalakrishnan
  • Michael & Leanne Rogerson
  • Michael & Barbara Leigh
  • Michael Jefford
  • Mick Harvey & Katy Beale
  • Mr AC & Dr JC Tomlinson
  • Owen Ritson & Anne Machin
  • Paul & Susan Taylor
  • Pavetta Foundation Pty Ltd
  • Perpetual Foundation – Janet Linnell Endowment
  • Raymond Tam & Linda Castles
  • Rellim Foundation
  • Roy Bishop
  • Ryan Martyn & Hanna Marton
  • Simon Martin
  • Smail Family Foundation
  • Susan Adams & Andrew Kirk
  • The Garrett Riggleman Trust
  • The Red Rocketship Foundation
  • The Russell Foundation
  • Trevor & Ann Kennedy