Close The Gap campaign with students from Bwgcolman Community School, Queensland

About us

We believe all lives are equal and no-one should live in poverty. Together we are on the ground, empowering communities to tackle poverty.

Tippy taps installed in South Africa are helping communities tackle poverty

Tackling poverty together

Oxfam’s ultimate vision is a just world without poverty. A world in which people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights and assume their responsibilities. A world in which everyone is treated equally. All our work supports this vision.

Aid & development

Aid is one of Australia’s most important contributions to tackling extreme poverty and inequality around the world.

Campaigning for change

While we work to alleviate the symptoms of poverty, we also campaign to tackle the causes of it too. That’s why we’re in front of decision-makers, governments and corporations, and speak out on the big issues.


With your help, when crisis strikes we respond with life-saving support, and help people to rebuild their livelihoods.

Ethical trading

It is important that corporations are held accountable and respect, protect and remedy the human rights of individuals and communities impacted by their operations.

Food & climate

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to ending global hunger. That’s why Oxfam and millions of people around the world are hungry for climate action.

Vanuatu march

Gender equality

Discrimination and injustice are major causes of poverty worldwide, and women and girls bear the brunt of it in all aspects of their lives.


Poor health affects people’s ability to improve their lives. With your help, Oxfam is working hard to make a difference.

Indigenous Australia

Poverty in Australia is just as harsh as it is in developing countries and it’s our Indigenous Australians who are among the most disadvantaged.

Fight Inequality Beat Poverty


Inequality robs the poorest people of the support they need to improve their lives, and means that their voices go unheard.


More and more, the Australian mining industry is active in countries where corruption is rife and conflict is an ever-present risk.

Water & sanitation

Almost 900 million people in the world do not have access to clean water – that’s a staggering one in eight people. The good news … you can help us change this.

, Anju (25) holds sweaters made in Bangladesh for an international brand. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Workers’ rights

Big brands make huge profits, while the people who make their products often struggle to meet their basic needs. Is this fair?

Where we work

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