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Together, we’re tackling poverty in the fashion industry.

Stand with the women who make our clothes.
Add your name to demand big brands pay a living wage.

More than 140,000 people have joined the campaign.

Thank you for standing with the women who make our clothes to demand big Australian brands pay a living wage.

We know big brands listen to their customers.
If enough of us come together, we can end the payment of poverty wages. Will you help us spread the word?

See how the brands measure up in the company tracker

By signing this pledge, you agree that Oxfam Australia may contact you about the progress of this campaign and different opportunities to support its work around the world, including fundraising. You consent to Oxfam Australia collecting and handling your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy. If you have any questions please email us at or call 1800 088 110.

Oxfam’s What She Makes campaign demands big clothing brands pay the women who make our clothes a living wage.

Textile workers are working inside a garment factory in Savar. Bangladesh Photo: Fabeha Monir/Oxfam


See how your favourite brands stack up

Are they committed to paying the women who make our clothes a living wage?

47 years old Ajirun Begum is a Rana Plaza Survivors. She is unable to come out from the fear of that incident and her health condition has degraded ever since the accident. When she worked at Rana Plaza, her fixed salary was 4500 Taka. For last ten years she is on pain medicines and has no income. Savar, Bangladesh Photo: Fabeha Monir/Oxfam


Big brands are keeping the women who make our clothes living in poverty.

The women who make our clothes do not make enough to live on – keeping them in poverty. Despite long hours away from their families, working full time plus many hours of overtime, big clothing brands do not pay garment workers enough money to cover the basics of life – food and decent shelter.

I took 200 taka loan from someone… by taking this, I bought medicines and had those. This is how I survive, what else shall I do?”


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See the new report

Oxfam has released groundbreaking research, that reveals how unethical business practices of Australia’s fashion brands impact the women who make our clothes.

Made in Poverty: The True Price of Fashion

Groundbreaking research from Oxfam showing the impact that low wages has on the lives of the people who make our clothes. (February 2019)

Latest Updates

24 April 2024

Demand Best&Less and Myer keep their workers safe

It’s been 11 years since the Rana Plaza factory collapsed, killing 1,134 workers. Demand Best&Less and Myer put safety over profit and sign the Accord today.

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23 September 2023

Oxfam’s Christmas Wish List 2023

All we want for Christmas is for the women who make our clothes to be paid a living wage.

Our Christmas Wish List includes brands that are lagging behind on their journey to pay a living wage.

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12 September 2023

What She Makes Trip Report 2023

In early 2023 Oxfam Australia, Canada and Aoteaoa (NZ) visited Bangladesh. This was an opportunity for the women who make our clothes to tell their stories, helping us spread the truth about what she makes.  

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02 July 2023

New eBook! Who made my clothes?

Did you know the women in Bangladesh who make our clothes get paid as little as $173 a month? Download our FREE eBook to uncover the ugly truth behind fast fashion and how together, we can create a fairer fashion industry. 

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24 April 2023

Ten years on from Rana Plaza tragedy

Oxfam Australia is marking the 10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy by calling on Australian brands to do more to protect the rights of garment workers. 

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Join the Campaign Together, we’re tackling poverty in the fashion industry.