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“I dream a lot, but I cannot do anything, nothing changes, all my dreams fail. I want [people around the world] to buy our works with fair value. We wish to earn and live appropriately with that. That’s all I want.”

Ajirun was less than 15 years old when she first started working in a garment factory. Now at 47 years old, she has spent the last ten years on pain medicines and has made no income.

Ajirun is a survivor of the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse. Ajirun had worked at Rana Plaza for nine months prior to the collapse and had a fixed salary of 4500 taka [$62 AUD].

On Tuesday [23 April 2013], a crack appeared in the building. On Wednesday morning [24 April 2013], Ajirun and her colleagues were hesitant to enter the factory.

After being instructed by her manager that the building was safe and that if they don’t start work, they will miss out on pay. Ajirun and her colleagues agreed to enter the building.

That day, I couldn’t concentrate on work, and my mind was telling me I was in danger. I thought about leaving and didn’t think about salary. After thinking that, I told my helper “I don’t want to work today. I am feeling anxious inside. My throat is getting dry. I want to leave.” Then my helper replied, “You cannot go, the main gate is locked.”

“After listening to that I felt fear in my chest.”

Shortly after the building collapsed.

“When I fell there, dust entered my eyes, I closed my eyes and thought that I will die. I thought this was the end of my life, and I could not see the world again.

I never thought I would stand up again and drink a glass of water with my hand.

I wish no more accidents like Rana Plaza may happen, and people may not suffer and die. I want [international supporters] to listen to the demands I have made and, fulfill them. I want no abuse, beating, or laying off without salary. If a worker is getting fired, they should be paid 3 months’ salary as compensation. If it’s not given, then the worker should have the opportunity to work properly.

[After the collapse], I understood that with this body, I cannot work in any factory. I cannot sit properly.”

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