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Malawi: Elube, 23, and her daughter Sylvia wait to collect an Oxfam cash distribution. Areas of Malawi have been hard hit by drought in recent times. Photo: Aurelie Marrier d’Unienville/Oxfam AUS

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Meet these inspiring heroes from all corners of the globe. Their stories from far and wide paint a picture of what it’s like to tackle poverty first-hand by working with Oxfam and our partners.

Eriko’s story

Violence against women and girls is alarmingly common in Papua New Guinea. But Oxfam is working with trailblazers like Eriko Fuferefa to empower women, change harmful social beliefs and behaviours, and build a safer future.
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Samreen’s story

Many 17 year olds look forward to the moment when they turn 18 and can legally vote but not many plan to stand for election the same year.
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Onano’s story

When women can earn a living it not only increases their independence and improves gender equality, it also helps whole communities lift themselves out of poverty. So Oxfam has been empowering women in the highlands of Papua New Guinea to make a sustainable living.
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You can save the lives of people around the world, just like people you’ve met via the stories above, every single day.
Christina is 23 and lives in Tambalug (Garu), she has two children: Doris, 5 and Pamila, 2. Christina grows maize and she was shown how to make compost as part of the CRAFS (Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems) program. Photo: Nana Kofi Acquah/Oxfam