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At 16, Sarah (pictured) is no stranger to loss. Through conflict, Sarah lost her home. But it was when they lost access to clean water that Sarah lost her father and three of her siblings.

Now, she and her family are safe in Buporo camp — a camp for internally displaced people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Disease is a real threat, but since Oxfam installed a water tank and introduced hygiene classes, things are improving.

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Before the taps were built, I would have gone down to the bottom of the valley to collect water. Down there, there are many people so we have to fight to get the water. It’s near now, so whenever I need water I can get it.
– Sarah

Sarah’s mum, Louise, is now a caretaker in the Buporo community.

She cares for orphaned children as her own, is a member of a women’s forum and as the President of the Hygiene Committee, is helping to establish a culture that will help entire families stay healthy, happy and safe.

Working for others is my talent and my nature. What would be the purpose of keeping the hatred within me? I have to live in peace with everyone because when I don’t have something, they help me.” 
– Louise

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