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Our world is changing. Across the planet, vulnerable communities are feeling the harsh impacts of climate change. Extreme weather and unreliable seasons are the new norm, and it’s the world’s poorest people — those who have contributed the least to climate change — who will feel the impact the most.

We’ve seen firsthand how the impacts of climate change can keep people in poverty, but we also know there are steps we can take to help vulnerable communities adapt to climate change.

By changing your electricity provider to Powershop, you’ll contribute to Oxfam’s life-saving work and help vulnerable communities fight climate change.

You’ll literally have the power to change people’s lives.

Change Power

Available in VIC, NSW and SE QLD


You can save money

Powershop has no contracts, no exit fees and competitive prices.


Powershop is known as “Australia’s greenest power company” (as ranked by Greenpeace) and is 100% carbon neutral.

You’ll help CHANGE lives

When you make the change you’ll be supporting Oxfam’s life-changing work and helping tackle poverty.

And you can do all this in less than 5 minutes.

Change Power

Available in VIC, NSW and SE QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Powershop and Oxfam

As a leading international agency working around the world, Oxfam is seeing the world’s poorest made even more vulnerable through the increasing risk hunger of droughts, floods, loss of agricultural land and disease due to climate change. Oxfam has been working for over a decade for stronger national and international responses to climate change and is currently working with communities across Asia and the Pacific to help them adapt to climate change. From helping people in Timor Leste to diversify their crops in order to cope with a changing climate, to supporting communities in Bangladesh to better prepare for disasters like cyclones, floods and droughts.

We’ve chosen a relationship with Powershop because, like us, Powershop is focused on becoming part of the solution to the problem of climate change.

Powershop provides people with the opportunity to directly support renewable energy through how they purchase their electricity. This helps reduce emissions and accelerate Australia’s transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.

Funds raised through this relationship will go towards Oxfam’s life-saving work around the world, helping vulnerable communities adapt to the impact of climate change and prepare for disasters.

  • Powershop is 100% Carbon Neutral at no additional cost to its customers. This means that all its emissions and yours are offset.
  • Powershop’s parent company, Meridian Energy, only generates from renewable sources and does not have investments in any fossil fuel powered projects
  • Powershop was named Australia’s greenest power company by Greenpeace in 2014, 2015 and 2018

Oxfam will receive a financial benefit from Powershop for every person who switches during the campaign.

The money raised from this relationship will go towards Oxfam’s life changing work, including helping vulnerable communities adapt to the affects of climate change, from improving access to food, to helping communities prepare for disasters in countries like India and Bangladesh.

For example, in Bangladesh, Oxfam is supporting communities to prepare for disasters like flooding by strengthening early warning systems. We are helping helping people diversify their crops to improve food production in the face of a changing climate, as well as supporting women to engage in decision-making on climate change adaptation projects and, disaster preparedness.

  • 1 switch can train school children in India on what to do during a flood.
  • 2 switches can buy home gardening toolkits that will help 4 families in Sri Lanka produce more food to eat and sell at market
  • 4 switches can go towards hiring a local builder and buying the materials to build a well for 3 villages in Sri Lanka
  • 5 switches can pay for a boat that a community in India can use to get to safety during a flood
  • 8 switches can buy enough seeds to help 80 families in Sri Lanka grow produce that is more resilient to changing weather
  • 19 switches can build a pen for goats and cows that will save them when a disaster strikes in Sri Lanka

Not at all! Powershop and Oxfam would be happy to have you on board. Feel free to share the link with family. friends and neighbours. You can save on your power bill whilst helping Oxfam generate meaningful action on climate change. What’s not to love?


Visit Powershop FAQ’s for more information on switching.