Photo: Hornsby Girls High School.

Schools in action: Hornsby Girls High School

2 Mar 2015 by Oxfam

Year Ten students from Hornsby Girls High School spent last year campaigning against the exploitation of the Bangladeshi workers who produce our clothes. The students created an awareness and fundraising initiative to support Oxfam with the brilliantly clever name ‘Don’t Sweat it’.

Photo: Vlad Sokhin/OxfamAUS

Raising the issue of land grabbing at bank AGMs

10 Nov 2014 by tomh

Some pointers for those wanting to take action A number of Oxfam supporters with shareholdings in the big four banks have approached us for information about the upcoming series of big bank Annual General Meetings (AGMs) being held in the lead-up to Christmas. Below is a Q & A about these AGMs, and how bank […]

Elizabeth and baby Swampy. Photo: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam

Famine looming over the people of South Sudan

19 Aug 2014 by Oxfam

Elizabeth and her five children live in a shared tent with 20 other people. Her husband was shot and killed, and her families’ home has since been burned down. Now, Elizabeth is worried about what will become of her and her children.

Photo: David Crosling/Oxfam AU

Woolworths shares a secret

4 Jul 2014 by Oxfam

Most clothing and footwear companies are highly secretive about the factories that supply to them. But, in addition to signing this important safety agreement, companies are now starting to tell us where their factories are. For the first time ever we can now see where Big W (owned by Woolworths) is making its clothes in Bangladesh.

Photo: Alan Jacobsen © Sidney Hillman Foundation

Kalpona Akter and the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity

28 Mar 2014 by Oxfam

Kalpona is a former child worker who started work in garment factories when she was twelve. She is now the Executive Director of the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity (BCWS), one of Bangladesh’s most prominent labour rights organisations. Find out how you can help improve the rights of workers in Bangladesh.

Photo: Alan Jacobsen, The Sidney Hillman Foundation

Bangladesh factory fire survivor visits Australia

25 Mar 2014 by Oxfam

Sumi Abedin was working in the Tarzeen garment factory in Bangladesh when she was forced to make a chilling decision. Trapped in the burning factory and faced with the horrific choice between burning alive or jumping to certain death, she chose to jump.

The garment industry in Bangladesh is vital to its economy. Its labour force is made up largely of women (estimates are between 80 - 90%) who earn on average just $0.16 per hour. This image shows a woman working in a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo: Nicola Bailey/ActionAid

Katies and Millers take action on safety in Bangladesh

26 Jul 2013 by Oxfam

Thanks to the great work of Oxfam supporters like you, another major Australian clothing retailer has now signed the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord. This week, Specialty Fashion Group (incorporating the Katies, Millers, City Chic, Autograph and Crossroads brands) became the fifth Australian company to sign the accord, joining Kmart, Target, Cotton On and Forever […]

Garment workers in Bangladesh earn on average just $0.16 per hour. Photo: Nicola Bailey /

Tell us where our clothes are made

10 Jul 2013 by Oxfam

When retailers tell the truth about where their products come from, their honesty means better working conditions for the people who make the products. Oxfam has spent nearly two decades investigating the global clothing industry, uncovering a world where low wages, long hours of overtime and unsafe work practices are the norm. Our investigations are […]

Photo: Fernando Moleres/Oxfam Intermon

Support workers rights in Indonesia

2 Apr 2013 by Oxfam

In countries like Indonesia, many women and men making goods for big-name brands are struggling to make ends meet. Workers who enjoy freedom of association (freedom to form unions and negotiate with employers) have the best chance of obtaining fairer working conditions, escaping cycles of poverty and debt. But even when countries recognise freedom of […]

Original Marines_istock

Call on Original Marines to end intimidation of factory workers

19 Dec 2012 by Oxfam

Original Marines is facing international criticism for its ongoing failure to respect and uphold the rights of women and men making its products in Indonesia. Although the iconic Italian company claims to have ‘always helped families’, this has not been the experience of the families of workers who lost their jobs trying to improve working […]