horn of africa drought

Horn of Africa drought and food crisis

The situation

Right now, more than 11 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are facing a serious food and water emergency. The three countries, located in the Horn of Africa region of northeast Africa, have been gripped by severe drought for months.

After being battered by the impacts of one of the strongest El Niño weather cycles ever recorded in late 2015 and early 2016, failed rains in the region late last year have placed millions of people living in poverty in an even more dire situation.  Unable to recover from these prolonged drought conditions, many families have been stretched to their limits.

The number of people in urgent need of food and clean, safe water is rapidly rising.

We cannot wait for the crucial next rains in March-May to fail before we respond – the costs of late action could be devastating. We must act now to prevent this crisis becoming a catastrophe.

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Oxfam’s work

Oxfam teams are already on the ground providing life-saving support. We’re trucking in water to communities in Ethiopia and preparing to respond as more needs are identified across the region. We want to make sure the most affected families are reached as quickly as possible.

People affected by the drought depend on an urgent response now to prevent a full-scale crisis. Please donate today and help provide life-saving humanitarian aid.

Oxfam responded to the drought in Ethiopia in 2016. We continue to help affected people in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region.

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An extreme lack of food is causing severe hunger, malnutrition and even famine, across South Sudan, Yemen and the Horn of Africa.

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