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What you can do

There are many things that you can do right now to help prevent dangerous climate change.

Spread the word about climate change

Download our climate change petition and collect signatures within your community (and return completed petitions to us) or sign our latest online petition.

Sisters on the Planet is a series of short videos focusing on the lives of six extraordinary women from around the world who are leading the climate change fight in their communities. Some suggestions for you:

  • Hold a morning tea at your work and show the Sisters 10 minute show reel
  • Organise a local event in your community, show the Sisters show reel and talk about how you can work together to fight climate change
  • Show the reel at school or if you’re a teacher plan a class around the DVD and get students to write to their local MP

If you enjoyed the Sisters on the Planet series, check out our short films Faces of Climate Change which brings you first-hand accounts from community’s grappling with the impacts of climate change.

Get Smart on Climate Change

While some argue that it’s too expensive to tackle climate change, it’s the cost of inaction we really can’t afford. Check out Oxfam’s latest resource – Getting Smart on Climate Change – an easy to read booklet which sets.

Stop harming, start helping – make changes in your life to help prevent dangerous climate change

At home:

  • Don’t take the car – walk, cycle or use public transport instead
  • Switch to 100% green power
  • We know it’s hard but minimise air travel where possible
  • Don’t waste energy – if you’re not using it, switch it off!

In the community:

  • Become active in a climate change campaign
  • Green your workplace – talk to them about reducing their emissions
  • Lobby your council and local politicians to act on climate change
  • Talk about how to reduce emissions to everyone you can