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As we go to Copenhagen

Photo: OxfamAUS

After months of anticipation, I am finally in Copenhagen. It’s a strange feeling. There is a mixture of excitement and fear in the air.

The question on everyone’s mind is: ‘will Copenhagen result in a fair ambitious and binding deal… or will it be a greenwash?’

My first weekend in Copenhagen has been a big one! Back to back meetings with NGO’s and other civil society actors (hence the short blog). Everyone is strategising around where pressure needs to be placed, what the likely scenarios and what action we need to take.

There is LOTS of action planned, both in Copenhagen and around the world. I will keep you posted (along with the media hopefully) on all that is going down.

During the past few weeks we have seen a range of different signals around the possibility of an outcome at Copenhagen. You probably all know that Governments have been playing down the possibility of a binding agreement at Copenhagen. Despite this, there have been a few hopeful signs with some of the big developing countries such as China, India and Brazil coming out with strong proposals.
The jury is still out on the outcome of Copenhagen.

As the dust settles after the mayhem of Australian politics of the past few weeks very little has changed.

  • The proposed emissions trading legislation has not passed parliament.
  • The Opposition in Australia still seems divided over whether climate change is caused by human kind or is happening at all (although they do have a new ‘leader’).
  • Australia’s proposals for Copenhagen remain the same.

In response to this situation, WE NEED YOU! There are so many different ways to get engaged… don’t just read over this and think someone else will do it. Now is the time for all of us to pull together in our different ways to send a clear signal to our government.

In the next blog I will out line a range of actions you can take. But right now, here are three things you can do:

  • Start leaving comments at the bottom of these blogs. The Australian negotiating team are reading your comments… make sure your voice is heard!
  • Take action on this website and send letters to your politicians
  • Plan to take part in the walk against warming on the 12th of December

Stay tuned because I am going to meet with some of our top negotiators on Australian targets and hopefully the Ambassador Louise Hand. If you have any questions you would like me to ask just post them below.

With hope, Tracking for you in Copenhagen,


ps. Check out our international sister website Adopt A Negotiator