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3things on Katy Perry and the MDGs

This month on Oxfam’s 3things, we rebranded Kevin Rudd as MrSheen15 after we were left feeling like Katy Perry after the MDG summit in Noo York.

September also saw us rev up the ol’ Tuk Tuk, wear a dress for 365 days and encounter the fake plastic penguin.

We also got bumped by Pies champ Harry O’Brien, drooled over pics of Jessica Alba (for research purposes only) and threw 3 things at Tony Blair.

After all that we still had time to fall even more in love with our Girlfriend, visit the pristine rainforests of Mt Bosavi and come to the realisation that Mac Time simply never ends.

Finally, while Caitlin shared with us 3 things she learnt in Ghana and Esther sold us the benefits of coffee on demand, we couldn’t rid ourselves of the sneaking suspicion that Nana might be on to something. You know what we’re talking about.