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Future Shots

If you’re aged 25 or under and interested in film making, check out the Future Shots Sustainability Film Challenge.

Now in its second year, Future Shots is a short film competition for young Victorians focusing on sustainability. Budding directors need to make a film using themes of:

  • Water-Smart Cities
  • Waste-Free Victoria
  • Smart Energy use

Future Shots’ major award categories (and subsequent prizes) are:

  • $2000 Sustainability Victoria Award for Best Film
  • $1500 for Melbourne Water’s Water-Smart Cities Award
  • $1500 for the Waste-Free Victoria Award
  • $2200 worth of prizes for the Smart Energy Film Award
  • $1000 worth of prizes for CERES Environment Park’s Best Film by a School Award
  • Plus $350 in cash and other prizes for the best films in the under 12, 13-17 and 18-25 age categories

Ultimately, Future Shots is looking for inspiration, creativity and unique ideas about the future, sustainable world in which you’d like to live.

The closing date is November 15, so jump on it now! Grab your video camera, your webcam, your mobile phone camera and shoot a short story that is important to you.

Check out the Future Shots website for tipsresources, the past winners and how to enter your own masterpiece.