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International Women’s Day 2011

Photo: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

During the week of 8 March 2011, join us in celebrating women’s achievements for International Women’s Day.

Oxfam knows that women around the world achieve amazing things every day. We’ve been there supporting and empowering them to succeed against great adversity, encouraging their successes and celebrating with them as they achieve their dreams.

We’ve participated in projects like our Sisters on the Planet series, which tells stories of women in their struggle against the impacts of climate change.

There are thousands of inspiring women in the world, but sadly millions more women and girls still need our support to have something to celebrate.

  • Women in developing countries are feeling the impacts of climate change the most.
  • 40 million girls worldwide are denied access to education.
  • Every minute a woman with inadequate medical care dies during pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Domestic violence is the biggest single cause of death and injury in women worldwide.

Please take the time this International Women’s Day to support women as they show the world what they can do.

What you can do: