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Thank You Jo Vallentine, for 32 years of Oxfam support and activism

Jo Vallentine.Photo: OxfamAUS

On this day, the 100th anniversary of International Women’s day we’d like to thank Jo Vallentine, who has been an active Oxfam supporter since 1978, and take this opportunity to congratulate her on her induction into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame.

Ms. Vallentine is a passionate campaigner at the political and community level. She was a foundation member of the People for Nuclear Disarmament, the Greens (WA) in 1990, the Alternatives to Violence Project and the Friends of Moore River.

Originally a Senator elected on the Nuclear Disarmament Party ticket in 1984 she later held her seat as an independent and then in 1990 was elected as the first ever Greens (WA) Senator.

“Working to empower women is an essential part of overcoming poverty, providing food security and working towards a more peaceful world.” – Jo Vallentine.

As befitting International Women’s Day, Jo is participating in a march for the Equal Pay Campaign for Women. She has also found time today to set up an Oxfam information stall promoting our Sisters on the Planet campaign which tells the stories of six remarkable women leading the fight against climate change in their communities.