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The long march for workers rights begins

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Monday 1 August 2011: 101 people have begun a march across the world to end sneaky business in the global footwear industry.

The Sneaky Business march set off from Australia this morning, and will travel through factories in Southeast Asia, China, and Central America before finishing at Nike’s headquarters in the USA.

In the next few months, people from countries across the globe are expected to join the march, which will ask that major sports shoe and footwear brands pay decent wages and respect the human rights of workers.

“People know that major footwear companies can afford to do much more to ensure that the women and men making their products receive better pay and conditions,” explains Oxfam Australia Economic Justice Advocacy Coordinator, Kelly Dent.

“Anyone who owns a pair of sneakers can now take action to support the human rights of the women and men who make our shoes.

“This is also an opportunity to show sports shoe brands that where ever their products are manufactured, we expect them to support the labour rights of footwear workers.”

Those who take a journey through the Sneaky Business march will learn about working conditions in countries throughout the world.

The journey shows that poor working conditions are a global problem. Worker exploitation exists whether in Australia, South East Asia or Central America. However Sneaky Business also demonstrates that there are companies doing the right thing— ensuring that footwear workers are treated with dignity and have access to their rights.

The march is expected to reach its final destination in a few months’ time. At the end of the march Oxfam will deliver the marchers’ messages to several of the world’s largest footwear brands.

To join the march upload a picture of your sneakers and chose your message in support of workers’ rights.


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