We’re dreaming of a green Christmas

Youth article written on the 12 Dec 2012

A Very Ethical Christmas

Santa’s filling his sack with fair trade products, Rudolph’s switching to organic carrots and the elves are campaigning for better working conditions.

As we reach the final countdown to Christmas, we’re celebrating our very own ‘Christmas Special’ on the 3things website. We’ve gathered tons of useful tips, recipes and DIY guides to help make your holidays more ethical and sustainable.

Find out which type of Christmas tree is best for the environment, get inspired by the kids who said no to Christmas gifts, learn how to make an eco-wreath out of toilet rolls, and buy your mum that goat she’s always wanted!

You can enjoy the silly season without getting silly about consumption and waste!

Explore all our Christmassy blogs, videos, recipes and DIY tips over at 3things.org.au …and have yourself a very ethical, sustainable and generous Christmas.

–       The 3things team

3things.org.au is a youth initiative of Oxfam Australia.