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Success in Cambodia

Khvan Ry-Cambodia

Khvan Ry and his wife Van Sineth from Kratie province in Cambodia have asked that we pass on their thanks for what supporters like you have helped to achieve through programs to bring clean water and sanitation to people like them. Before Oxfam came along, they and their family frequently suffered from diarrhoea and cholera from drinking dirty water.

Here is their story, in their own words.


“My name is Khvan Ry, I am 41 years old. I am a farmer. I’m not sure [how many people died in my village], but people died every year, especially children die.

Oxfam provided training and materials, like some things for hand washing and water filter and toilet. And Oxfam also educated us about cleaning around our house.

The big change is that we reduced our illness. Before me and my family suffered from a lot of illness, but now it is reduced.

I used to have to sell most of my rice that I produced to pay my debt that I owed the doctor that treated me.

Now that I do not get sick, I can use half of my profits to support my children’s studies … My feeling is very happy because my children can go to study.

I say thank you to people in Australia.”


“Now it is easy for me and my family because we have enough water … I can take the water to water the vegetables … I have plans to grow more vegetables.

I am so happy that I see Oxfam can teach me and other people in my village for practicing the hygiene … I am so happy.”

Khvan and Sineth’s daughter can now attend secondary school. They have bought a pig for their farm, and intend to breed and sell piglets. They have also bought a buffalo cart that they can now rent to others in their village.

Supporters like you make lifesaving work like this possible. From Khvan, Sineth, their family and community, and us –  thank you. You support makes it all possible.

You can help more families by providing life saving clean water and sanitation.