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Eat Local Feed Global

Photo: Oxfam AU

Oxfam Australia is fortunate to have passionate and knowledgeable prominent Australians supporting our Eat Local Feed Global initiative this October.  Meet some of the people who are putting their names and their culinary skills behind World Food Day on Thursday 16 October.

Julie Goodwin: Australia’s First Masterchef and author of ‘Gather’.

“Timor Leste is a beautiful country with joyful, awesome people. The work that Oxfam and their partners are doing is helping those people to survive and thrive. It’s a country with such a difficult history, but that is now at peace and ready to go forward. It was the most enormous privilege to see the work, to meet these beautiful and humble people, to cook and eat with them. I am once again humbled by our humanity, the fact that despite huge differences in our means, we are the same. We want the same things. A chance to thrive, and to provide for our children. That is all.” 

James Tobin: television personality and entertainment reporter. 

James is a television personality and entertainment reporter, and is part of the Seven Network’s Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise and The Morning Show teams.

Indira Naidoo: author of The Edible Balcony, and journalist.

“I’m passionate about the Eat Local, Feed Global campaign because our farmers do grow enough food to feed the world’s hungry – but the food is not distributed to where it is needed. I believe our cities may be part of the solution.” 

Simon Bryant: chef, TV presenter, and author of ‘Vegies’.

“Oxfam’s Eat Local, Feed Global is a no brainer, we have enough food in the world , what’s missing is how it is distributed amongst us and ensuring the back-story , whether politically, environmentally or economically is sound and fair.”

Janella Purcell: naturopath, nutritionist, and author of ‘Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen’.

“There is now so much more awareness about waste, why we should be buying local produce, and checking labels for GMO products, and other totally unnecessary additives. And we’re making our own stock out of our veggies scraps – this is just wonderful. I love hearing that more and more people are choosing to shop at Farmers’ Markets if they can, rather than shopping at one of the two main supermarkets we have in Australia. We are making decisions about sustainability, nutrition and food security with our wallets – and more and more of us want to leave as light a footprint as possible.”

Check out Janella’s Eat Local Feed Global 2013 menu.

Sammy J and Randy: highly acclaimed comedians and Oxfam ambassadors.

“We are delighted to support Oxfam’s Eat Local, Feed Global campaign. As comedians, we have a vested interest in ensuring sustainability and food equality – otherwise, our future audiences will be hungry, irritable, and on the verge of extinction.”

These people are helping to create a world free from hunger and inequality. Please join our amazing and passionate friends this World Food Day and Eat Local Feed Global with your friends and family over a meal.