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Volunteer spotlight: Amrita Burde from Brisbane

Amrita at the Close the Gap rally. Photo: Tom Dixon/OxfamAUS
Amrita Burde relocated from Mumbai to Brisbane in March 2014. Amrita’s passion for making a difference in her local community brought her to Oxfam’s door. Amrita has been volunteering with the Campaign and Major Gifts teams in Oxfam’s Brisbane office since January 2015. She shares her volunteer journey with us here.

Hi, I am Amrita Burde (Amy). I moved to Brisbane from Mumbai (India) in March 2014. I worked in the corporate finance industry in India and have been looking for work in Brisbane. Although I hadn’t officially volunteered at any organisations before, I am quite passionate about being actively involved and associated with local communities to try and make a difference in their lives.

My biggest passion is dancing, and I joined a Bollywood dance class* in December 2014 in West End. On the day of their main event, I came across Tom Dixon (Queensland Campaign Coordinator) who introduced Oxfam to everyone present.

The moment I heard about Oxfam, I knew that I wanted to be associated with the organisation in some capacity as I share the same personal values. I have always been involved in social work in India and Oxfam gave me the platform to do the same for local communities in Australia.

The volunteer recruitment and induction process at Oxfam was really good and organised. I was explained about various campaigns that Oxfam undertakes. I was asked about what kind of work I would like to do and let me do that rather than something I’m not comfortable with.

I would definitely recommend others to volunteer at Oxfam. This is the best platform that anyone can find to do their bit for the development of humanity on a global scale.

I can feel the difference that my contribution is making. Some of the projects that I have undertaken have improved usability and efficiency of the system and its associated processes. The broad variety of skills that I gained through my background in corporate finance helps me to look at a task or a process from a number of angles.

The Oxfam Brisbane office is like a multicultural family and they really acknowledge and appreciate the work that volunteers put in. It has given me a lot of confidence and satisfaction that the difference is noticeable.

Not everyone is fortunate to have the opportunities that are available in developed countries. Globally, there is a lot of inequality and suffering that needs to end, and non-profit organisations are working relentlessly to make the world a better place. This common goal to help and support people in need inspires me to work for a non-profit organisation.

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