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Food & climate change article written on the 07 Sep 2015

It’s almost exactly six months since Tropical Cyclone Pam made a direct and devastating hit on Vanuatu, changing lives forever.

Recently, I visited Vanuatu and Kiribati and saw first-hand the devastating impacts of climate change in action. Changing weather patterns and rising seas are threatening homes and making it harder for people to grow, buy and catch enough food to eat.

This week, I’m at the Pacific Islands Forum in Port Moresby, climate change is high on the agenda. And the message is loud and clear. Climate change is threatening the very survival of some of our closest Pacific neighbours.

We can change this, but we need everybody on board to make sure Australia steps up and does the right thing.


Call on Australia to #StandWithThePacific.


our new report: A Question of Survival


Call on Australia’s leaders to step up and lead on climate change.

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