Photo: Timothy Herbert/OxfamAUS
2000 children worldwide die every day from infectious diseases caused by unsafe water (WHO 2009).

Sin Sochheath and her family have no choice but to drink dirty water from the nearby river. One sip can be deadly.

In Pom Tom village, Kratie province, Cambodia, there are no taps or toilets. Unsafe water can lead to the spread of infectious diseases, which kill 2000 children worldwide every day (WHO 2009). That’s one child every 20 seconds dying from preventable diseases. And more global deaths are attributable to these diseases than all forms of violence, including war (WHO 2004).

Sin Sochheath’s eight-month old has just been rushed to hospital with a life-threatening case of diarrhoea. We’re working hard to turn this story around, but we need your help. We have the expertise to make a difference. One village at a time you can change thousands of lives in a single month.

With your help the solution is clear.

Clean water for drinking

Together we can equip Cambodian communities with our award-winning clean water buckets, and use sanitation training to spread prevention, not disease.


443 million school days are lost annually due to water-related diseases (UN 2006). Installing boreholes, toilets and handwashing stalls in schools will help stop the spread of diarrhoea and cholera.

Safe and clean facilities

By providing household and public toilets, women and children especially will be less vulnerable to disease or attack.

Change lives

Every dollar invested in water and sanitation will return $3-$34 to a community in economic development (WHO). Families will be free from sickness to work, go to school, and enjoy more time together.