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Make tax fair.

Make tax fair. Tackle inequality.

Together, we can create a fair and equal future without the inequalities that keep people in poverty. Tell the Treasurer to bill the billionaires and big corporations. Make them pay their fair share.

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Join us in calling on the government to Make Tax Fair:

Today, extreme wealth is growing exponentially while nearly 700 million people still live in extreme poverty

Around the world, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian war on Ukraine and in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, more people are going hungry and struggling with rising prices, while real wages are declining. People living in extreme poverty are being hit the hardest.

Meanwhile, big corporations are making huge profits and billionaire wealth is skyrocketing.

Big Australian corporations together made an extra $98 billion in profits off the back of the crises, at the cost of everyday people.

The billionaire owners of these corporations are also getting richer.

In Australia, billionaire wealth has increased by 71% or $120 billion since 2020

Globally, billionaires are almost $5 trillion wealthier than in 2020, while global poverty has stagnated at pre-pandemic levels.

The system is unfair and favours big corporations and billionaires. But we can fix it. 

Uganda: Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, climate activist. Photo: Emmanuel Museruka/Oxfam

Make billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share

In East Africa, as a result of conflict, rising food prices, and drought and flood caused by climate change,  millions of people face hunger and are being forced from their homes. Nearly 700 million people live in extreme poverty across the world.

Meanwhile, billionaires are making massive profits during times of crisis, adding to their lavish lifestyles – private jets, multiple mansions and super yachts, which are also fuelling climate destruction.

Such extreme inequality shows our economic system is failing humanity. But we can fix it. Billionaires and big corporations who have benefited from an unfair system must pay their fair share.

Extreme inequality is no accident

Many big corporations pay little or no tax in Australia, and receive cash handouts from the government, despite making gob-smacking profits year on year.

A nurse pays more tax than most of the biggest energy companies in Australia, most of whom paid zero company tax in 2020-2021, despite making billions in income

As a result, wealth inequality has reached extreme levels. In the past decade, the richest 1% of Australians have accumulated 10 times more wealth than the bottom 50%. That’s more than $2,500 per second for 10 years straight.

Tackle inequality. Let’s make tax fair

We all want to live in a society where everyone is able to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and to live with choice, dignity and equal opportunity. At Oxfam, we are striving for a fair and equal future without the inequalities that keep people in poverty.

To ensure there is enough money in our budget to pay for the services everyone needs and cherishes, the super-rich need to pay their fair share of taxes.

By increasing the Australian Government’s tax revenue, there will be more money available to fund better quality healthcare, education and action on climate change as part of a strong social safety net to alleviate poverty at home and abroad.

All lives are equal. Let’s fight for a society without the inequalities that keep people in poverty.


Our campaigns

Make corporations pay their fair share

Make corporations pay their fair share

Many big corporations are making super profits, often during times of crisis. Its not fair that they rake it in, while the rest of us struggle with the cost of living. Its time they gave more back to the community through a crisis profits tax.

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Bill the billionaires.

Bill the billionaires. Fight inequality.

A wealth tax on Australia’s richest would generate $32 billion annually. This would help balance the scales on inequality and ensure there is money in the budget for essential services like health and education, and to eradicate poverty.

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Make Rich Polluters Pay

Make Rich Polluters Pay

Big energy corporations and billionaires are most responsible for the climate crisis. It’s time to tax rich polluters, end fossil fuel subsidies and use the funds to support communities already experiencing the destructive impacts of climate change.

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Cashing in on Crisis

In 2022-2023, top 500 Australian corporations raked in $98 billion in additional windfall profits, or ‘crisis profits’, that they wouldn’t have made under normal circumstances. These profits are part of a wider crisis-fuelled inequality story, where billionaires were able to increase their wealth and boost their bank balances while the rest of us endured rising costs of living.

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Inequality Inc Oxfam 2024

Inequality Inc

The wealth of the three richest Australians, Gina Rinehart, Andrew Forrest and Harry Triguboff, has more than doubled since 2020 at a staggering rate of $1.5 million per hour, while 5 billion people find themselves poorer. These are some of the stark findings of Inequality Inc, an Oxfam flagship report launched ahead the 2024 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.


Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%

The richest 1% emit as much carbon pollution as two-thirds of humanity. This is just one of the shocking findings of Oxfam’s landmark ‘Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%’ report released ahead of the annual United Nations international climate change conference COP28.


Survival of the Richest

Oxfam revealed that the richest 1% of Australians accumulated 10 times more wealth than the bottom 50% in the past decade, as cost-of-living pressures bite and global inequality spikes.


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19 Jun 2024

Australian companies rake in $98 billion in ‘crisis profits’ off the back of global suffering: Oxfam report

NAB, Woolworths, BHP and Hancock Prospecting are amongst the companies that have amassed staggering crisis profits The top 500 Australian corporations made $98 billion in additional ‘crisis profits’ off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine between 2021-23, a new Oxfam report reveals, as the organisation calls for a ‘crisis […]

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Tackle inequality. Make tax fair.

Together, we can create a fair and equal future without the inequalities that keep people in poverty. Tell the Treasurer to bill the billionaires and big corporations. Make them pay their fair share.