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Hungry? Be the first to tackle land grabs

In recent years, wealthy investors from across the globe have invested heavily in cheap farmland in poor countries, often for commercial use.

But in many cases, the land sold is actually being used by poor families: for homes, to grow food to eat, or to make money off in order to send their children to school.

Oxfam is aware of one such case where tens of thousands of people have been bulldozed out of their communities and their homes.

Oxfam is calling on investors, national governments, and international organisations to take a variety of measures to put a stop land grabbing so that affected communities are consulted, treated fairly and have a means to grow enough food to eat.

Join GROW, Oxfam’s new campaign for better ways to grow, share and live together, to help build a future where everyone always has enough to eat. We’ll make sure that you’re the first to hear about our exciting new land grabs campaign!

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