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Since you asked

Photo: John Sones/OxfamAUS

Often, stories about aid work raise as many questions as they answer. So this year we’re trying something new with our annual water appeal.

In addition to giving you first-person accounts from the people we work with, we’re also introducing an interactive Q&A feature. If you have questions about our water and sanitation work in Cambodia, post them in the comments section of this blog post. Each fortnight we’ll pick a few questions and send them to Dustin, our volunteer research and communications coordinator in Cambodia (who also has a great blog, Penh Diaries, about his work there).

As Dustin travels around Cambodia to visit our various programs, he’ll take time out to answer your questions – and he’ll ask villagers and Oxfam field staff to do the same. We’ll post those answers on this blog, In the field [link], and we’ll let you know via Facebook and Twitter when new answers are up.

So if you’re curious about something relating to our water and sanitation work in Cambodia, don’t be shy – ask us! We’d love to hear from you.

(If you’d like to support our WASH work in Cambodia and other developing coutries, you can donate to our Water Appeal. Every little bit makes a difference!)