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Haiti’s urban garden project: planting the seeds for a better future

Photo: Brett Eloff/Oxfam America

In the Carrefour Feuilles district of Port-au-Prince, Oxfam is collaborating with local development organisations to find land to help people to plant and grow their own vegetables. How they decide to use their veges is up to them: some are keen to improve their diet, while others see a welcome opportunity to earn money by selling their home-grown produce.

The project will also involve the establishment of nurseries, where plants will be raised that other participants can grow in small gardens at their homes; as well as trees that people can plant near their homes in the hills above the city. Not only this will help families grow fruit, but they’ll be helping control erosion and flooding at the same time.

Carrefour Feuilles is home to about 300,000 people. It suffered some of the heaviest damage from the 2010 earthquake, and is still struggling to rebuild. This project is an important step towards recovery.

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