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Returning to Haiti: 2 years on

By Caroline Gluck, Oxfam I wasn’t looking forward to returning to Haiti. Two years ago, I was one of the first of Oxfam’s emergency team to fly to the island, arriving three days after it was hit by a devastating earthquake, which killed more than 220,000 people and left over a million homeless. It was […]

Open for business in Haiti

By Jane Beesley, Oxfam The earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010 resulted in one of the largest emergencies in recent years – killing over 220,000 people, displacing more than 1.5 million and devastating an already poor and weak economy. Today many people struggle to find work with many businesses no longer operating or struggling […]

An economic lifeline for women in rural Haiti

By Oxfam’s Humanitarian Press Officer, Caroline Gluck “Unemployment is the only thing we have here”, declared Dumel Deralus, smiling grimly as we sat in the shell of a concrete building that will soon be a new expanded home for the Organisation for Community Development in Thomazeau, (ODECT), an Oxfam partner working to improve economic and […]

Urban Disasters – Lessons from Haiti

What are the lessons aid agencies can learn from the Haiti earthquake? This short video summarises the findings of the Development Emergencies Commission UK Haiti urban study “Urban Disasters — Lessons from Haiti”. The study looks at member agencies responses to Haiti, highlighting practical lessons that should guide future urban disaster responses.

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