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Urban Disasters – Lessons from Haiti

What are the lessons aid agencies can learn from the Haiti earthquake? This short video summarises the findings of the Development Emergencies Commission UK Haiti urban study “Urban Disasters — Lessons from Haiti”. The study looks at member agencies responses to Haiti, highlighting practical lessons that should guide future urban disaster responses.

Rebuilding Haiti: Latrines change lives

Follow the flies. That was the idea behind a simple but eye-opening public health lesson Oxfam brought to the people of Tapion, a small community in the Haitian hills of Petit Goave. This lesson helped change their lives in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti a year ago.

Haiti: after the quake – preventing disease

Oxfam is working in earthquake-affected areas of Haiti to provide clean water and sanitation as a means to prevent serious outbreaks of disease. Oxfam has built latrines and bathing stalls, and provided basic necessities, such as soap and toothbrushes to thousands of people living temporarily in camps, and is extending these services to hundreds of thousands more at risk of cholera.

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