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Tackling hunger this World Food Day

842 million people around the world still go hungry. But small actions can create lasting change.  This World Food Day (16 October) and in the days around it, Australians are taking part in Oxfam’s Eat Local Feed Global to help fight hunger and poverty overseas. From Tasmania to Townsville, Perth to Sydney, people are getting together in support of Oxfam’s GROW campaign to end world hunger.

1 in 8 people still go hungry and incredibly 80% of those people are involved in food production. Hunger isn’t about a lack of food, it’s about power and an unjust food system. But small changes can have a big impact and the choices you make about what you are going to eat can help feed communities. This is why we are encouraging you to take part in this years Eat Local Feed Global.

There is plenty that you can do: A dinner party with seasonal produce. A ‘raw food’ bake-off at work. A lunch at a primary school made entirely from locally grown vegetables. These are some of the many amazing ways people are coming together over food. All inspired by our GROW challenges.

Celebrity chefs like Simon Bryant and Janella Purcell are also helping promote Eat Local Feed Global by doing local media and providing seasonal recipes to help people make your meal a success.

By taking part in an activity or registering your own you are raising awareness for food justice and encouraging people to think more carefully about their role in the global food system. You can also raise money for Oxfam’s life changing work empowering small scale farmers to feed their communities.

If you aren’t able to attend an Eat Local Feed Global activity this year you can still take action to improve the global food system this World Food Day. Small actions create lasting change and there are heaps of things people are doing as part of Eat Local Feed Global. Eating sustainably, raising money and awareness, and joining the thousands of Australians in calling on our newly elected government to do more to tackle hunger.

You can also donate money to Oxfam’s life changing work empowering small scale farmers to feed their communities. Just $50 can provide families in Timor-Leste with vegetable seeds and fruit trees which will increase nutrition and market opportunities.

Bon appétit…