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Australia: Show us the money to help end poverty in Addis Ababa

Helping to end poverty and inequality, and supporting communities to tackle climate change – they’re the biggest challenges facing the world today.

But at the moment, Australia is failing do its fair share on both counts.

In July our leaders have an opportunity to change this. At the Finance for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Australia will be asked to agree to real commitments to help people overcome poverty and adapt to the worst impacts of climate change.

Getting a fair deal in Addis Ababa is vital in the lead up to an historic moment in September, when world leaders are expected to sign on to a new set of goals to end poverty and create a sustainable future for all – the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Millennium Development Goals, which they will replace, have helped the global community achieve many things, including halving the number of children dying before their 5th birthday. To make the Sustainable Development Goals just as successful, countries like Australia have to first come to the table in Addis Ababa.

They have to show us the money to make change happen!

Help us remind our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Twitter that, although we weren’t impressed by cuts to the aid budget, in July she has a chance to turn things around.


Tell Julie Bishop to come to the table in Addis Ababa with strong commitments on development and climate finance.