What She Makes Game

Educating for change, Blogs article written on the 23 Nov 2018

Try out this classroom round table role play/ debate game!

How can we get living wages for garment workers in Bangladesh?

1) The game is designed for students to pick up and play, so as the instructor you can choose your level of involvement as a player, part of the council, or an observer. It is important that students read the instructions in full before beginning the game.

2) The aim of the game is to help students understand the complexity of how decisions are made and affect people’s lives, especially the autonomy of the women who make our clothes. The game confronts players with questions like:

  • Should the women who make our clothes be earning a living wage?
  • What would change?
  • What can a high school student do?

3) The instructions for the of “council members” and the rest of the roles are very different, so you should choose students with strong leadership skills to take the role of council member(s).

Download the What She Makes Game