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What She Makes Game

A Role Playing Game to understand What She Makes

This game asks students to take on the roles of different players in the global garment industry at a meeting convened to discuss living wages for garment workers in Bangladesh.

1)  Each student is given a role to play as a stakeholder in the Bangladesh-to-Australia garment supply chain. Each role has different aims, allies and opponents.

2) The aim of the game is to help students understand the competing perspectives of different stakeholders in the garment industry and to understand some of the barriers to participation in decision-making faced by the women who make our clothes.

  • Should the women who make our clothes be earning a living wage?
  • What would change?
  • What can a high school student do?

3) The instructions for the of “council members” and the rest of the roles are very different, so you should choose students with strong leadership skills to take the role of council member(s).

Download the What She Makes Game