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Become a member

Get involved in shaping Oxfam Australia’s future by becoming a member



You may already be an Oxfam Australia donor, supporter, volunteer or campaigner. Becoming a member gives you some direct involvement in the governance of Oxfam Australia. As a member you can:

  1. Receive invitations to hear more about our work
  2. Receive regular communications about Oxfam’s work around the world
  3. Take part in events in your local area
  4. Join your local Oxfam Group
  5. Receive invitations to State Committee forums to provide input into our national policies and hear about our work
  6. Join your local State Committee
  7. Submit an Expression of Interest for the Board of Oxfam Australia


Membership of Oxfam Australia is open to any Australian resident who is not a salaried staff member of Oxfam Australia and who agrees to adhere to our Purpose and Beliefs. Becoming a member is free.

Once registered, your membership will expire on 30 June two years after your membership is granted. As long as you continue to meet the criteria, your membership can be renewed every two years.


To become a member, complete the membership form

You will be sent a letter confirming your membership. Applications can take up to six weeks to process.


For more information about membership, write to us at the above address or email us at with Website membership enquiry as your subject line.

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